Current guidelines do not include proof of vaccination requirements for persons entering a personal care setting. Effective October 1st 2021 all members of the ORC Club Spa staff are fully vaccinated.


First time Clients will be required to enter their credit card information into Jane (our scheduling platform) and will have the option to pay in spa or have their card automatically billed once the appointment has been completed. Regular and return clients will have the option to schedule online, by phone, or email and will be able to pay for their visit in spa or through online invoice. 



In order to protect the earning potential of our Massage Therapists and Aestheticians we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of your appointment. From time to time, in the case of habitual cancellation or during busy periods, we may require additional notice. In the event that you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment due to illness or emergency, please ensure you contact ORC Club Spa via phone (905) 823-6869 or email hello@orcclubspa.com 

No-show's will automatically be charged 100% of the cost of their missed appointment. 



ORC Club Spa strictly follows the cleaning and disinfection policies established by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and Ontario Public Health. Massage Therapy Treatment rooms are stripped and disinfected using Benefect or PREempt before each client, linens are washed in industrial high heat machines. Manicure/Pedicure areas are disinfected prior to each client and tools used by the Aesthetics Team are sanitized between clients using Cavacide or PREempt HLD5 a 2% Hydrogen Peroxide solution created for disinfection of salon & spa tools.

Read more about the disinfectants we use here: PREemptBenefectCavacide.

Both Clients and the staff at ORC Club Spa are required to wear a mask.

The reception area, commonly touched surfaces, floors and seating areas are disinfected using Benefect or PREempt every two hours, and ORC Club Spa maintains a cleaning log to track and ensure all disinfection protocols are being followed.



ORC Club Spa/Spa Essentials Inc. is committed to the protection of our staff and clients from harassment, intimidation and willful disruption of our workplace. We endeavor to create the safe, happy, positive environment necessary to do the work of caring for our client's health and well-being. ORC Club Spa stands firmly against verbal abuse and discrimination of any kind within our premises. Clients who negatively impact the mental health, well-being or earning potential of our Staff/The Spa will be required to seek service from an alternative business. The Team at ORC Club Spa stands united in building a community of care and kindness within our walls.