Lash & Brow


Brow Tint  $23

Lash Tint  $32

Lash & Brow Tint $45

Henna Brow $42

The "Club Spa Brow"  $42

Our in house brow experts, Josephine & Margarett, will give your brows what they need to look their best! Includes waxing, shaping, trimming, and tint.

Lash Lift & Tint $99


Classic Lash Extensions $165

One extension adhered to each of your lashes creating a natural, fuller, longer look.

"Flirt Lash" $72

Half the lashes in half the time! If you're looking to try lash extensions for the first time or just want a few extensions to create a bit of drama - this is the service for you!

Lash Fill $72

Lash Extension Removal $30 (maximum 3 weeks between fills!)


We have partnered with Sarah Lawton from Brow Savvy to bring her suite of services to our clients at ORC Club Spa.Visit for more information about each specific treatment.


Microblading  $550

(includes a touch up and after care)

Microblade Annual Colour Boost  $229-$279

Tattoo/Colour Correction $279+

LiFT Tattoo Removal $149 per session

(2-6 sessions required)