Do you accept direct billing?

Not at this time.

If I pay for my massage with a Gift Card can I get an insurance receipt?

No. Insurance receipts for Registered Massage Therapy can only be issued to the individual who paid for the treatment. If you receive a massage as a gift - you get to enjoy it, but not claim it.

Should I TIP my Massage Therapist?

This is our most commonly asked question! 

The short answer is 'No. You are not required or expected to tip your RMT.'

At ORC Club Spa about 50% of our clients will choose to add a gratuity for their massage. Whichever side you land on - we appreciate all of our clients and remain neutral on this question of to tip-or not to tip. 

Do I need to be vaccinated to get treatment at the spa?

Current guidelines in the Province of Ontario do NOT require you to be fully vaccinated to receive treatment/services in a personal care setting.

Are your staff fully vaccinated?

Effective October 1st 2021 all of the staff at Club Spa have received 2 doses of the covid-19 vaccine.